My Music Heard on CNBC’s American Greed

I like the way this dark americana piece that I wrote with Cass McEntee was used on American Greed. It was used early in the episode to setup the story and again at the end during the resolution. I thought the rustic, austere simplicity of the music and images of the cold North Dakota landscape fit together well. If you are a director, music supervisor or publisher who could use music like this I would love to hear from you!

Our track can be heard at 4:20 and 39:50 in the episode below.

Music Heard on Outdoor Channel series “Buck Commander”

I just found out some of my music got used in the Outdoor Channel series “Buck Commander:Protected by Under Armour”. It’s a hunting show hosted by MLB star Adam LaRoche and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. It seems fitting that dark guitar-banjo duet titled Comin’ Gunnin’ would find a home on a hunting TV show.

Similar music can be heard in the playlist below. If your library or film project could use music like this, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me here.

Music Heard on National Geographic’s “Live Free or Die”

My music was recently heard on National Geographic Channel’s “Live Free or Die”. It’s a rustic, outdoorsy acoustic guitar instrumental that I co-wrote with Cass McEntee titled “Surviving the Elements”. If you have interest in this or similar music for your project, please contact me here.

Music Heard on NBC’s Golf Channel

Today, Tunesat detected one of my tracks being played on the Golf Channel today as part of their coverage of The 2016 Arnold Palmer Cup. It’s an acoustic fingerstyle guitar collaboration with Robert Cass McEntee Here’s the track and the excerpt of the placement detected by Tunesat. I wish I had video.